Meet the Faculty


Principal / Bible Teacher – Bishop Drake Ketchersid

Living in the suburb of MacIntosh and married to Sarah for 32 years, Principal Ketchersid has three children and six beautiful grandchildren. He has been overheard saying, “This school has become my family, but I never imagined having over 200 children!”                          (555) 555-1211


Kindergarten / Cheer Coach – Shipley Crestwood

One of SCS’s original teachers, Ms. Crestwood received her education at Southeastern University. She says teaching kindergarten is the most rewarding job she has ever done. “I love coming to work every day”, she enthusiastically says.                           (555) 555-1214


1st grade / Soccer  – Wenthia elBradford

Miss elBradford attended Florida A&M and takes great pride in her first grade. “At least three times a week the studnets make crafts, which is a great learning experience for them.”                         (555) 555-1223

 1st gr

2nd grade / Art Club – Cresent Hill

Mrs. Hill, native of Tampa, received her education from University of Florida. Married to Dane Hill, the Athletic Director, she and Coach Hill live in New Tampa, where their favorite pastime is feeding the ducks in their backyard pond. “I have found that the mind of a 2nd grader is very curious. It is a pleasure to teach that age.”                           (555) 555-1216


3rd gradeChess Club – Polly Padgett

Ms. Padgett, born and raised here in Tampa, graduated from University of Tampa. As UT’s Chess champion 2004, Ms. Padgett really motivates her young protégés to always be thinking of their next move. “I feel so at home in this school, it is like my second family.”                                (555) 555-1221

 3rd gr

4th grade / Girls Softball – MaryAnne Ginger

Another native from Tampa, Ms. Ginger has been with SCS for three years. Liberty University is her alma mater. She thoroughly enjoys her 4th Graders, but her passion is coaching the softball team. “My girls have already won State once and we will again!” says Ms. Ginger.                                 (555) 555-1226

 4th gr

5th grade / National Honor Society – Inez Blumgardner

Mrs. Blumgardner and her husband Robert live in the suburb of Pruett, just outside of Tampa. They have one child, Bobbie; two dogs, Atretes and Lorelai; and one hamster, Piggy. As an alumna of Boston University, Mrs. Baumgartner said recently, “I don’t miss driving in the snow, but I do miss the snowball fights!”                      (555) 555-1224

 5th gr

6th grade / Girls BasketballSylvester Webster

Mr. Webster and his twin brother, Chester, who is also a member of the faculty, come from a family of thirteen. Born and raised in Auburn, Kansas, a small town outside of Topeka, they credit their parents for their enduring faith in the Lord. Mr. Webster is married and has a boy and twin girls. “My brother and I are determined that both of our basketball teams will make State in the same year.”                              (555) 555-1222

 6th gr

7th gradeService Club – Cyrianna Lopez DeYoung

Cyrianna Lopez DeYoung graduated from Brown University in 2006 and moved to the Tampa area the following year. Mrs. Lopez Deyoung says 7th graders are in the beginning period of transitioning into high school. “It’s a very exciting time for them!” she says.                             (555) 555-1219

 7th gr

8th grade / Boys BasketballChester Webster

Chester Webster and his twin brother Sylvester entered North Kansas University on a basketball scholarship. After retiring from the NBA, Coach Webster joined SCS in 2008. Sylvester joined us the following year and it has been fun having twins in the faculty. According to Coach Webster, “It is a blessing coaching here at SCS and double the fun doing it with my brother”.                              (555) 555-1220

 8th gr

High School Math / Debate Club / Volleyball Coach – Ramsey Goldsmith

Mrs. Goldsmith and her husband Conrad live in the small suburb of Sydney. She is most proud of her waterskiing squirrel, Sammy. Sammy hopes one day he can meet his mentor Twiggy, the original waterskiing squirrel. Mrs. Goldsmith attended Clearwater Christian College. Her motto is, “While math is fun, debating is what it’s all about!”                         (555) 555-1225


High School English / Drama ClubCylinda Ellis

Ms. Ellis, another native Tampa resident, received her education at USF. She has two cats, Morticia and Fluffy, and a varying number of goldfish. “The Drama Club is performing Shakespeare this year and it is a challenge that I am looking forward to!”                                    (555) 555-1227


High School Science / Boys Baseball – Timothy Hornblower

Mr. Hornblower and his wife Lydia, are the proud parents of two children, Tony and Larissa. Mr. Hornblower and his family came to us from Derbyshire, England. He brings a ‘right British flavour’ to the SCS family. “Believe it or not there is baseball in England!” claims Mr. Hornblower.                      (555) 555-1218


High School History / FootballWalter Gannerali

Mr. Gannerali, known as WL to all his friends, is originally from the small town of Pahokee. His family moved here in the late 60’s. History comes naturally to this coach from his love of genealogy. Mr. Gannerali attended Pensacola Christian College where he played cornerback. While there he was well known for his interceptions. “I am blessed to be able to coach these young men. It’s what I love to do.”                           (555) 555-1213


Physical Education/Athletic Director Dane Hill

An Ocala native, Mr. Hill went to school at University of Florida and is a staunch Gators fan. During football season, Mr. Hill can be seeing wearing the famous blue and orange of a true Gators fan while the rest of the year it is maroon and gold! Mr. Hill’s battle cry for Selah sports is “All things through Christ!”                                 (555) 555-1228


MusicCheyne Underwood

Mr. Underwood teaches all our musical classes. He lives in Brandon with his three German Shepherds – Ruffian, Hadassah, and Chewbacca. He reports, “the dogs love listening to the original music I am currently writing for the upcoming Spring Concert.” The Spring Concert is one of the highlights of our school year, and the community eagerly looks forward to it.                          (555) 555-1217


Librarian / Board Games Club – Elka Stonehorse

Mrs. Stonehorse, a native of Oklahoma, studied at the Cherokee National School. Mrs. Stonehorse loves writing stories. Her most recent Piggly, Wiggly, and Squiggly story about Farmer Brown’s birthday party is a new favorite, even though the author has a difficult time reading it aloud as she begins to cry whenever she gets to the part where his carrot cake is smashed.                        (555) 555-1215


Secretary – Olive Ferguson

Mrs. Ferguson has been with SCS since we opened in the fall of 2000. She keeps our school running smoothly with her wealth of knowledge on “all things SCS”. She and her husband, Buck, are natives of Tampa. Mrs. Ferguson says, “Even though I can’t imagine retiring from SCS, I am looking forward to traveling with my husband one day”.                       (555) 555-1212



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